About The Chef 主廚


Pig & Pepper 的廚藝總監兼主廚 – Emilie,三歲隨家人移民美國洛杉磯,在多種族裔和開放自主的環境中成長,並完成UCI大學學位。
從小即隨家人歷遊世界各地,對於各國美食和廚藝充滿著無限的夢想和熱情。傳承了家族對美食的愛好和堅持,Emilie 毅然的決定她的人生規劃,進入藍帶學府習藝,畢業後經藍帶推薦,歷經在洛杉磯Old Town Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Hollywood 等城市的頂級餐廳粹練,紮實的根基擅長於歐法式及美式料理和甜點的創新,並經常旅行於世界各地體驗各式美食,累積豐富的經驗和創作出自己獨特的料理風格,呈獻出不同於一般市場走向的創新美式料理,顛覆大眾對於美式料理的傳統觀念。


2012年9月 Pig&Pepper New American Cuisine就此誕生,她把對料理無限的熱情和創意,融合出的新美式料理呈現給台灣的美食愛好者,也帶領出一股新美式料理的風潮。

Pig & Pepper’s Executive Chef, Emilie was born in Taipei, Taiwan and raised in Los Angeles, CA since the age of three.

Having grown up in the mixed cultural neighborhoods of LA, and having travelled to different destinations of the world with family and friends, she has a deep rooted interest in different cultures and most importantly, their food.

After graduating from the University of California, Irvine, she returned to her long time interest and passion of cooking. She enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu, Los Angeles and graduated with honors. After completing the program, she worked in various restaurant of varying cuisines in Old Town Pasadena, Beverly Hills and Hollywood. With her set of culinary skills and hunger to learn, she continues to learn by traveling, tasting and learning about ingredients used in different cultures.

In 2007, she moved to Taipei with her family. Along with her brother and sister, she faced the hardship of adapting to a new country and was overcome with homesickness. In September 2012, with her siblings’ help and support, Pig & Pepper was born. They wanted a restaurant that reminded them of home.

Pig & Pepper is not only an expression of her passion for food, but also her background, upbringing and experiences. Pig & Pepper not only introduces New American Cuisine to the Taiwan community, it also brings a little piece of home to everyone else who is homesick.

Chef Emilie Chen

(Photo source: ELLE Taiwan JAN 2013)